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As a voice actor, you have to wear a lot of hats: talent, sales manager, marketing manager, bookkeeper, tech support… the list goes on.

This article will teach you about a valuable tool that can help you streamline your operations, work more efficiently, and drive more sales using do-it-yourself CRM for voiceover. You’ll find a free template for cloud-based, do-it-yourself CRM for voiceover and we’ll also look at paid versions.

What Does CRM Stand For?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

What Is CRM?

CRM is a tool that helps you keep track of information about existing and potential clients. It sounds confusing but basically it lets you know at a glance when you last talked to a client, and what stage their project is at.

CRM software can increase conversion rates by 300%

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What Is CRM Used For?

CRM is used to track when you last contacted a client. It can also be very helpful in monitoring your sales pipeline, the status of jobs you’re working on, and a variety of other elements.

Key details that CRM can help you track include:

  • Contact name, email address, phone number
  • When you first reached out to that client
  • When you last contacted the client
  • What stage you’re at with their project

Additional important details that CRM can measure:

  • Client status: potential or existing
  • Relevant information about a company’s structure
  • Invoicing and accounts payable information
  • Tax amounts owing, specific to country

Do I Need CRM?

If you have more than a handful of clients and plan on growing your client base, you should be using CRM. 

Studies show that CRM software can increase conversion rates by 300%.

When you reach out to both existing and potential clients, being organized and having all of the relevant information in one place helps you a) stay prepared, and b) streamline your sales efforts.

And that’s an important part of your job as a voice actor.

Where Can I Find Paid Versions of CRM for Voiceover

A quick Google search will provide you with an outstanding variety of paid and free CRM software and spreadsheet-based trackers.

If you have a modest budget, Voiceoverview is excellent paid CRM software designed specifically for the voiceover industry and is priced very reasonably at less than $100 for a one year subscription.

Where Can I Find Free CRM for Voiceover?

Download a free, totally customizable Do-It-Yourself CRM for Voiceover template here.


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Do-It-Yourself CRM for Voiceover

This template can be edited. You can add any details relevant to your own business, and remove any sections that you don’t need.

Included features:

  • Cloud-based, accessible anywhere
  • Invoice tracking (date paid, elapsed time, and payment method)
  • Studio and agency details
  • Agency rep and contact info
  • At-a-glance sums for gross and net amounts
  • Taxes automatically added


  • A dedicated expenses page

For assistance, contact

Pro tip: Growing a client base takes time. Maintaining it is equally as important.

Let’s say your income is made up from a certain amount of commercial bookings and the rest is from six regular elearning clients. If you lose one or more of your elearning clients (it happens) you’ll need to start marketing for new clients to add to the roster and replace them.

It will be hard to keep track of that information unless you have a system. Using CRM will alleviate stress and let you see at a glance how many clients you have, how many clients you need, how much money they’re bringing in. As you reach out to potential clients, you’ll be able to track your progress and where they are in your sales pipeline.

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