In 1877, Thomas Edison recited “Mary had a little lamb” into the phonograph he just invented, thus creating the first voice recording.

Soon after, in 2004, Dooley Media Works was established to perfect the form.

We are a diverse and experienced team of former radio, tv and advertising professionals – masters of the microphone and the mouse – who are laser-focused on helping our clients tell their story in a way that makes people listen.

Led by industry veteran James Dooley, DMW specializes in professional voiceover production and the creation of smart little explainer videos that get the job done.

We write copy that converts.

We produce voiceovers that inspire.

We make smart and shareable explainer videos that… well.. explain.

But they explain really really clearly, and look great and leave your viewer informed and entertained and desperately searching for the CONTACT button to hire you.

That’s why some of the world’s biggest brands, like General Mills and HGTV and Budweiser trust Dooley when they need to get their message out there.

And that’s why you should hit that CONTACT button up there. Just click it and fill in the form. There might even be a funny little chuckle in your email after you do.