Do I Need a Voiceover Coach?

Good question. Let’s start with the basics…

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What Is a Voiceover Coach?

A voiceover coach is an experienced voice actor who can teach you the skills you need to elevate your level of professionalism in the business and ultimately help you book more jobs. 

Ideally they are working professionals, who regularly book recording sessions in the genre that you’re looking for coaching in.

Do I Need a Voiceover Coach?
A voiceover coach can help you start booking more jobs

Do I Need a Voiceover Coach?

If you’re new to the business, the answer is almost certainly yes. Why? Because starting out, you’re relying solely on talent. It takes time to develop your skills and learn how to manipulate your voice so that you can read scripts in different styles, according to what the casting director or producer is asking for.

Think of it like playing the piano. A beginner with a great ear and a knack for finding melodies – a natural – will still need time to learn the chords and scales, and will benefit from a good teacher.

How Much Do I Need to Spend on a Voiceover Coach?

Short answer? Between $150 to $350 dollars. Not thousands.

A one-hour “Voiceover Coaching / Critique” session costs $150.

The exhaustive “Everything You Need to Know to Become a Professional Voice Actor” course is just $350.

Only candidates who pass an initial screening will be admitted.

Differences Between Good and Bad Voiceover Coaches

Bad coach

  • Charges thousands of dollars
  • Will take on anyone willing to pay
  • Has the aspiring talent record a variety of scripts over and over again, until there is a usable take
  • Promises a “professional demo” at the end of the session, even if the talent can’t replicate it in studio

Good coach

  • Offers one-on-one coaching
  • Will be brutally honest
  • Teaches techniques needed to compete at a professional level
  • Targets areas where you can improve
  • Works with you to discover what’s within your vocal range
  • Won’t charge an exorbitant amount of money
  • Offers demo production, only when you can replicate it in-studio

Why a Bad Coach Is Not Helpful

A bad coach might charge anywhere from $1,000 – $5,000 and turn the coaching process into a fun weekend or even a several-weeks-long process. They might even lump you in with a group of other aspiring voice talent at the same time. They stretch out what you need to learn and pump it full of filler. Oh, and that fancy demo they give you at the end? There’s a pretty good chance you’re going to need a new one within 6-12 months anyway, when you find your wheelhouse. By that point, you’ll probably listen back to the demo they gave you and cringe.

Dooley Media Works’ voiceover coaching exists as an antidote to the plethora of unethical coaches out there who are charging outrageous sums of money and promising burgeoning talent the moon.

When Should You Make a Voiceover Demo?

The right time to make a voiceover demo is when you can replicate what’s recorded on the demo at the drop of a hat.

Why should you wait to make a voiceover demo? Imagine this scenario…

A client books you for a voiceover recording session because they love how cool and confident you sound in one particular clip that you feature on your demo. If you sound nervous on the day of the session and can’t get your voice to do what it’s doing on the demo, you’re going to see some very frustrated people on the other side of the glass. Or worse, those same fine folks – the producer, the agency people, the writers, and the rep from the company – are going to ask you to leave and they’ll bring in someone else to voice the spot.

Whoever made that demo was doing the talent a disservice. It probably involved a lot of takes and some fancy editing. You should only put together a demo when you know you can replicate what’s on it and take direction from a producer, giving them exactly what they asked for.

To be considered a professional voice actor, you need to be able to read a script “cold”. Meaning, when you walk in the door and they hand you a script, after a glancing it over, you can start recording – and nail it.

Do I Need a Voiceover Coach?
A voice coach teaches the techniques you need to compete at the professional level

The Truth About Voice Coaching

Good voice coaching doesn’t take long. It teaches you what you need to improve your booking rate when you audition and from there, it’s up to you to practice what you’ve learned. It’s your job to hone your skills until the things the coach taught you come naturally to you. 

If you’re truly serious about booking voice work, get a coach who will:

  • Help you recognize your strengths
  • Identify what needs work
  • Give you the skills and techniques to improve
  • Teach you how to nail auditions and start booking more jobs.

When you’re ready for affordable, no-nonsense voiceover coaching from a seasoned pro, it’s right here.

Got questions? Feel free to reach out…

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James Dooley is the owner of Dooley Media Works, a voiceover recording and video production company. When he’s not being the “friendly, yet authoritative” voice of brands like KAYAK, Dove Soap and Honey Nut Cheerios, he provides voiceover coaching and professional voiceover demo production for aspiring voice actors looking to succeed in the business.