Obligatory Welcome Message

Hey all, and welcome to the new blog!

I’m James. James Dooley. Y’know, said like James Bond.

But not Pierce Brosnan James Bond. No one wants to be that one. Although he is the one Nintendo based the Golden Eye, the video game, on. Maybe I do want to be the Pierce Brosnan one? F**k, I don’t know. Okay, I’m getting a little carried away here. Sorry.

Anyway. This is a new feature around here at the ol’ James Dooley HQ: Dooley Media Works. Picture the Bat Cave, but with better lighting and less fake chest muscles. Doesn’t anyone else find it odd that he has to emphasize the muscle definition with his costume? Do you call it a costume?

Honestly, I need to get out of the movie references here.

Right, right. BLOG. 

I know, everyone has one. But I’m going to try and do something different here. Think of this space as a peek behind the red curtain. While I always know the end product is what matters, I do also think it’s important to show you the human behind the product. The details and tech and all that fun stuff that goes into what I do. Plus, I’m a pretty charming guy.

I could go on and on about my own story. How I started back in 2004, how I’ve worked with a lot of big name clients. How I really love Indian food. How I’m currently writing this from the tub. But that’s what the rest of my website is for. This right here, is my chance to bring you all into my world.

So, what can you expect? Well, a lot of things, really. Do you want a list? Seems kind of pushy. 

How about instead we agree to revisit this next time (See. Business talk. I know you immediately tensed up reading that sentence. Business Professional, I am).

All jokes aside, I’m incredibly excited to give you a glimpse into my life, and really give you an inside look into what I do. And for the record, probably some great Indian food suggestions. I wasn’t kidding, I love Indian food.

Catch you all soon!

James Dooley Head Shot

James Dooley is the owner of Dooley Media Works, a voiceover recording and video production company. When he’s not being the “friendly, yet authoritative” voice of brands like KAYAK, Dove Soap and Honey Nut Cheerios, he provides voiceover coaching and professional voiceover demo production for aspiring voice actors looking to succeed in the business.