About Us

Dooley Media Works is your new corporate video production studio. We’re based in Toronto, but we have happy clients all over the world. We specialize in voiceover recording, copywriting and commercial radio production.

We’re corporate video experts.

And guess what… we also do voiceover recordings for:

  • Commercial radio and TV
  • Radio imaging
  • Medical and corporate videos
  • In-flight entertainment programs
  • IVR on-hold phone messaging and narration

Voiceover Services

Do you need:

  • Deep, rich voice-of-god announcer? No problem.
  • Friendly, yet authoritative? Sure – we get that a lot.
  • Energetic ‘regular guy’? You bet.

How about:

  • Young-sounding woman? Soccer Mom? Check and check.
  • Movie Trailer Guy? Teenage slacker? Wilfrid Brimley type? Check, check, and check

Copywriting Services

Get your message heard. Send us your bullet points and we’ll write a 30 second radio spot that pops. Or an emotional full-length script for TV. Or a lighthearted narration for your product or service. Dooley can deliver the script you need.

Do you already have a script that needs fine-tuning? Or a complete rewrite? Or translation into French, Spanish, or… I don’t know – Urdu? Dooley Media Works has you covered.

Production Services

Now that you’ve got a script and a voiceover recorded, you might still need some help getting your project over the finish line. We can help.

Dooley Media Works can quarterback your project through production, with professional services that will make your project shine.

  • Original Production Music or Stock Music selection
  • Jingles / Branding
  • Imaging / SFX
  • Professional Audio Mixing

We’re based in Toronto, but we have happy clients all over the world.
We promise to make you sound great.

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